Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Do we need our Eyes to See?

So preparing for class today it got me thinking a lot about light and the many ways we interpret, encounter, and possibly misunderstand it.

Light is a type of energy called "ElectroMagnetic Radiation."
Electromagnetic Radiation travels through space in packets/bundles called “photons.”
A “photon” is pure energy and has no physical mass, though they do have a fluctuating electromagnetic field.

This fluctuation is the basis of Color interpretation.

As you can see the frequency of the fluctuation moves from zero to its maximum position then to zero, then to its minimum and back up to zero. In perfect Parabolic form.
Human eyes "see" these wavelengths and associate them with colors.

An easy way to think about it is, imagine the color Red has less energy than blue, so its wavelengths will be shallower and shorter, while Blue Travels in a much more extreme arc. These differences in Energy are also known as their "Kelvin Temperature."

Consider the Visual Spectrum of light, it's based on the different Photon Frequencies and/or Kelvin Temperatures.

(Remember ROYGBIV?)

So all this information is nothing new, it's taught to grade school students. But notice what photon frequencies are above and beyond our visual spectrum.

Most notably below... FM/AM Radio.
I must ask you the question then, do you need your Eyes to listen to the Radio?

So if we agree that Visual Color travels more or less in the same vehicle as Radar or Radio, what does that mean?

Do we need our Eyes to See?

Think about Marine animals, bats, and the like who use sound waves to navigate their worlds.

So mechanically we know that you input a lot of information via the Rods and Cones in your retina...but is that potentially only a part of it?

Maybe that vibration, the fluctuation of photons is not only for the interpretation of sight but also spacial relationships.

You see because your Retina are not the only part of your body that reacts to Electromagnetic Frequencies. The Frontal Lobes of your brain are huge receptors for this type of energy.

So much so, that there were many tests showing that by bombarding those lobes with different EM frequencies (don't forget: same thing as color) a person could lose all physical relationships with the world, hallucinate, and in general become spatially and rationally disoriented.

The most famous of these tests was performed by Dr. Persinger and Dr. Koren with their God Helmet. The apparatus was so named because it seemingly gave participants Religious, Supernatural, or Extraterrestrial sensations.

Proving that there is AT LEAST a correlation between photon frequency and Interpretation.

These theories are 100% backed up by victims/participants of Paranormal occurrences which very often happen in areas of High Electromagnetic activity, whether it be Natural or Man made.
But that's another post for another time!

Back to the question at hand though...Do you need your Eyes to see?

I'll leave you only with a story out of Shropshire, England, and a man named "Dummy Mason."

Dummy was a patient in a psychiatric hospital, being "blind, deaf, and dumb." He was eventually put to work in the laundry department, when a doctor noticed something impossible: Dummy was folding all the towels and laundry in perfect Color coordination. The curious doctor tried to trick Mason and rearranged his order, only to find that he would simply put them back in the correct piles.
The doctor speculated that maybe he could "feel colors with his hands"...but as we've discussed I think it's more possible that Mason could "feel colors" with his brain.

Dummy Mason exhibited another talent shared by many visually impaired folks, the ability to navigate their environment with almost perfect accuracy. This ability has long thought to be a combination of a walking cane, developed sonar, and repetition.

Maybe it's time we explore other options. Maybe they are able to feel the vibrations of the world around them, using their brains.
Everything gives off an EMF, from Humans, Brick walls, cats, and trees...we just choose to give it a much more Poetic name... The Aura.

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