Thursday, January 7, 2010

Found Polaroid from the Savers Camera Bin. I put it in the frame with the intention to leave it, but in the end I had to take this photograph home with me.

It's been awhile since I've updated, the winter break was a busy one! Unfortunately I haven't made any new or exciting work, but I plan to resume regular updates.

As you may know, I am always on the look out for interesting photography things, especially when they have to do with Toy cameras. It's no doubt that the Holga/Diana have entered popular cultural vernacular...I see them everywhere now!
You know what I say to that!? Who cares!
More cameras = more photographers = more appreciation for the medium = more innovation!

Who could be mad at that? Let's give everyone a Holga!

Recent Holga sightings:

Slick Urban Outfitters Holga Shirt -

You've probably noticed their extensive collection of over priced Lomo gear...but hey, once again, at least someone is selling it!

I also saw this funny caption in the Evolution of the Hipster article from Paste Magazine!

2007: The Vintage Queen
She shops at retro boutiques and posts Holga photos on her blog. She has said that the koi fish cover-up tattoo on her arm symbolizes “nature and love and peace and stuff.”

Haha, it looks like we're only a few years late!!

Finally, this was on the cover of a local Magazine:

I have no doubt that these are all signs of the coming analog back swing! I couldn't be happier... People are sick of the clean, synthetic, cold and stale. They want to take things back into their hands, they want to connect with each other and their creations.
It will surely take a few more years of people giving away their enlargers and schools changing Darkrooms into the DPLs (*Digital Photo Labs)...but before long, people will yearn for some sort of tactile connection.

...who knows though, because to deny the beauty and power of new technology is to identify with those who scoffed at's equally as pointless to bury my head in the sand. I think it is possible for them to coexist and commingle, we're in the stage of Photo 2.0, Photography cannot be talked about or judged against traditional models.

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