Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We will be allowed to film ectoplasm in action also in the future, although the productions of our medium happen more than 2 metres from the cabinet - where the medium sits - away! Furhtermore the approach is more experiemtental and less spiritualistic. Its the GERMAN approach and our "control" "Prof Hans Bender" produces with his 5 chemists experiments that are likely to those with Rudi Schneider, Willi Schneider, Stanislawa P., Marthe Beraud, Mary Marshal (Winnipeg) and so forth!

Felix Circle in its 5th year is into a new era. One of the sitters practiced trance for over two years and was contacted by different spirit entities, these lead the circle first into Psychic Photography and then into classic Physical Seances with baffling phenomena. So we published Psychic Photography and in the meantime we were allowed to photograph peculiar displays of a substance, the entities call "a visible density of a rigid force field", formerly "ectoplasm"!

***I really wish I had made these videos...

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