Sunday, October 24, 2010

My walls of fire and my walls of water are, together with my roofs of air, the materials for the construction of a new architecture. With the three classic elements of fire, air, and water, tomorrow's city will be built and will at last be flexible, spiritual, and immaterial.

To feel the soul without explaining it, without vocabulary, and to represent this sensation. the midst of creating something, alone the main thing for them is to know in the end that truth does not exist, only honesty exists, it is always in bad taste, since after all honesty, in so far as it's human, is only a set of learned optical laws, etc. etc. But it becomes life, life itself, power this strange force of life which belongs to neither you nor I nor anyone, life is life...

Enlightenment, it's thought plus something else, plus the visit of the spirit, that strange spirit, you can't say it doesn't exist, after all that spirit even if you're a materialist, it exists.

A new world calls for a new man.
- Yves Klein

An amazing exhibition at the Walker Art Center:

Half shaman, half showman, Yves Klein took the European art scene by storm in a career that lasted just eight years, from 1954 to 1962. An innovator who embraced painting, sculpture, performance, photography, music, theater, film, architecture, and theoretical writing, Klein was a precursor of many movements of the postwar avant-garde, including minimal art, conceptual art, land art, and performance art. He self-identified as “the painter of space,” seeking to achieve immaterial spirituality through pure color—primarily an ultramarine blue of his own invention, International Klein Blue. Through these and other experiments Klein aimed to reach “beyond the problematic in art” and rethink the world in spiritual and aesthetic terms, creating a pivotal transition between modern art’s concern with material objects and contemporary notions about the conceptual nature of art.

...try to dream, continue dreaming while speaking...listening...try to capture this atmosphere of the mind.

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