Saturday, November 19, 2011

An interesting addendum to the prior post (I really should be more diligent about updating this blog)...but I saw the Jackal again, my Spirit Guide. This time he was in the form of a Coyote.

I was bike riding under the first snow fall of the year, and as I exited the woods to head back onto the paved path, I saw a creature on the side of the road. It looked like a large dog, but different.

I coasted past locking eyes with the Coyote. I had seen him before, he was the one who met me in the Fayum. Time slowed and we stared, both straining our necks to watch the other. I was almost fifty feet past him when I realized what was happening, immediately I slammed my brakes, and of course this sound persuaded the jackal, I mean coyote, to trot up the road.

I stammered, fishing into my pack for my camera, but he kept moving. I snapped pictures in his direction, but they didn't turn out.

Cursing under my breath, thinking I missed another photographic moment, I looked down and saw his paw prints. They were enough.

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  1. Incredible! How lovely this happened on the first snow fall!