Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just wanted to share good news! Recently I had a great opportunity to modify some Holgas for the MIA as part of their Art Cart mobile teaching units.

They wanted 3 pretty common hacks to the cameras: Pinholga, 35mm Conversion, and attachment lenses.

The Pinholga was the most fun:

and the resulting images...

Ode to Niepce

Then, the more common 35mm conversion:

Because the camera wasn't visibly changed on the outside, I decided to paint the body gray while using pieces of film to mask the paint.

Very fun results.

Gratuitous self portrait

The attachment lens wasn't so much a "mod" as it was just collecting old filters from local camera shops. I threaded and glued a 46-49mm step-up ring into the Holga lens, and then just attached filters. Everything from magnification, cross screen, color correction, diffusion, and more. I was able to fit a camcorder telephoto lens on it as well using a 49-37 step-down ring.

Some really great effects!

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