Sunday, March 3, 2013

Black is the color of the darkroom...

Sherrie Levine, Black Mirror: 8, 2004

Black is the color of the darkroom, of desire, "of the black milk of the nocturnal goat" (Rilke), of cinema, of being underground, of a fall through the hole of the pupil of the eye, of a bomb shelter, of a cellar, of a pile of coal, of dirt, of sweet, thick, dark molasses, of bad-luck cats, of the velvet dress of John Singer Sergeant's Madame X, of the mourning coat, lined in fur, with matching skull cap, worn by Han's Holbein's Christina of Denmark, of Laurence Sterne's famous all-black page in Tristam Shandy, of rare tulips, of the paintings of Ad Reinhardt, of night, of caves, of melancholia, of the black sun, of the sunless sky (after a volcanic eruption or after the dropping of a nuclear bomb) and of beauty. -- Black and Blue: The Bruising Passion, Carol Mavor

Ad Reinhardt, Black Painting

Ruben Nusz, Black Polaroid, 2009

Matthew Booth, Untitled Black Photograph, 2009

Andrey Lev, Untitled Black Painting, 2008

I like space that never stops...Black is like that. —Lee Bontecou

Nathan Lewis, Wolf Lake, 2013

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