Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More Manifestations news!!

Anna Ruhland did a really fun interview with us:

#1: What will people experience at Manifestations?
Manifestations will provide the experience of a 19th century spiritualist séance parlor.  Visitors will be free to interact with our ethereal installation and will help to conjure the spirits of St. Paul and beyond.  Attendees will have the option to participate in several activities including: foretelling their own fates with divination cards and planchettes; viewing 3D spirit photographs; reading tales from St. Paul denizens (of days gone by); interacting with a medium; entering the Spirit Chamber to collaborate on a unique photographic take-home memento; and more!
Original work by the artists will be incorporated throughout the installation—much of it produced using processes popular in the 19th century.

#2: What inspired this project?
This is our first collaboration, and it came out of a chance meeting revolving around talks we were both doing at the MIA surrounding work we each did for their photography Art Cart.  We got chatting about photography, ghosts, and the paranormal and quickly discovered we had very similar interests artistically, historically, and aesthetically.  Beyond our art practice, we both do have a stake in the subject matter sharing a life-long interest; Lacey has studied to be a Spiritualist medium and healer and Nathan has been involved with a paranormal investigation group for many years. In terms of the topic, we’re not outsiders looking in, we’re insiders trying to get people to join us.  Kerry Morgan and the MCAD gallery gave us the amazing opportunity and support to embark on this project that’s been evolving for months.

Also the love and curiosity of Spiritualism and all things otherworldly.  We’re very interested in the role that photography plays as a tool to simultaneously prove and disprove, prophet and denier.

#3: Do you think there are ghosts at Union Depot? Do you think the stage of a historical building holds some weight for this project (aside from the obvious: but more so the structural aspects of the building and the experiences that NS attendees might have with it)?
Hmm…there must be. Any place that took so much labor and energy to build, and has housed so many people passing through retains that energy. Traveling is very emotional for many people– meetings, reunions or tearful goodbyes are played out over and over in these public spaces that travelers have no choice but be comfortable showing their emotions–much more so than at the grocery store. We like the idea of Northern Spark participants walking the same halls, interacting with the same materials that thousands of travelers have.
Something else–often when buildings are renovated or have construction going on, ghosts and paranormal energy will rise to the surface, after being stirred up after sitting dormant. If there are ghosts at the Union Depot, we bet they like seeing it in its restored glory.

Check out Manifestations blog, here: Spiritmanifestations.tumblr.com

Also, Northern Spark is still needing help with its Kickstarter campaign.  Receive an original cyanotype by us while supporting this great organization.

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