Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Second "Into the Blue: Cyanotype Photography" event happened yesterday at the Walker and it was a blast! Huge thanks to the Open Field staff and crew, I am definitely looking forward to attending more events, it's such a cool program.

All of the participants made amazing work. We had several families and groups who stayed for a while and made many prints, and seemed to be enjoying the heck out of it, very thankful.

This girl even did her hair!

A highlight of the event was fantastic artist Amanda Lovelee bringing her little son Hudson to create a Cyanotype. One of the neatest prints I've ever seen!


Hudson looked pretty cute with a cyanotyped diaper butt, unfortunately the diaper was "used" before we got a chance to process it. He was an awesome sport!

Don't forget to check out Amanda's event at the Walker this Thursday (8/23,) "It's Always Someone's Birthday, So Let's Celebrate!" See you there!

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  1. Super fun! I wish we lived close so we could come!