Friday, November 2, 2012

Art Stories - Spirit Photography

Had a wonderful chance to speak at the MIA last week. It really was a dream opportunity to discuss my favorite subject, Paranormal Photography.

Art Stories - Tales From the Local Art World
Spirit Photography with Nathan Lewis

 Listen as some of our cities’ most interesting artists give us the back stories about their work in this series of on-stage narratives.

Photographer Nathan Lewis is fascinated by “spirit photography,” an art form developed by late 19th-century artists and hucksters that used the new technology of photography to capture images of the paranormal world—or so they claimed. In the last decade, Lewis started hanging out with the Twin Cities Paranormal Society, resulting in the series Conversations in the Dark, which documents and interprets everyday people’s claims of contact with spirits, poltergeists, and all things supernatural.
Lewis will discuss his interest in historical spirit photography, describe his experiences with the Paranormal Society, and meditate on the intersection of technology and human feelings of loss, horror,
and discovery.

The talk was all thanks to Alex Bortolot who allowed me to be the first speaker in the ongoing Art Stories series. Oddly enough the lecture was born out of an off-the-cuff conversation I was having with Alex while discussing some Holga's he had asked me to modify.

I had a lot of support from both the MIA and MCAD who helped promote it!

Even going so far as creating a Flickr page for folks to upload their own Paranormal Photographs!

Brady Jeunesse, on behalf of the TCPS also did an incredible job promoting to everyone in the local Paranormal world through all the different outlets, too kind!

With all their great help, we sold out the event! Not only did they add extra chairs, but by some accounts, they were even turning people away...which is insane to think about!

They did this awesome thing where they lined the stage, room, and aisle with tea lights!

A shot taken while creeping around in the back before going on!
Some pictures taken during by friend's in the audience.

Super fun night! Amazing thanks to the MIA, TCPS, and everyone that came out!
Also, be sure to check out Lacey Hedtke, who gave me a ton of help, but more importantly will be the next speaker in the Art Stories series.

Listen as some of our cities' most interesting artists give us the back stories about their work in this series of on-stage narratives. In 2011, the MIA commissioned photographer Lacey Prpic Hedtke to document the museum's collection using archaic photographic techniques, such as tin types, collotypes, and stereograms. She commenced upon an intensive exploration of history, representation, and visual interpretation, resulting in a kind of photographic archaeology that unearthed new connections and fresh interpretations of familiar artworks. Hedtke will discuss this project, the history of photography, and how she decided to pair certain art works with particular archaic photographic techniques.

See you there!

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