Monday, April 29, 2013

Excited to announce participation in this year's Northern Spark

Northern Spark is a portal to a new experience of the Twin Cities. Throughout the night we each pick a route accompanied by friends or in the companionship of familiar strangers. Together we look at art, experience community in a new way, and see the cities in a new light.

This is the 3rd year of the all night art festival. 2011 was throughout MSP, 2012 was in Minneapolis (which I was grateful to participate in.), and this year it's in St. Paul, with the newly renovated Union Depot acting as the central hub. 

Such a beautiful building!

I am lucky enough to be doing a project with fellow artist, historian, and paranormal enthusiast Lacey Prpić Hedtke. Thanks to MCAD, the gallery, and director Kerry Morgan for this awesome opportunity! 


This project will provide the experience of a 19th century spiritualist séance parlor while contextualizing and paying homage to the history of the Depot’s transitory space. Artists Lacey Prpić Hedtke and Nathan Lewis will be the guides through this ethereal installation and will help to conjure the spirits of St. Paul and beyond. Attendees will have the option to participate in several activities including: foretelling their own fates with divination cards and planchettes; viewing 3D spirit photographs; reading tales from St. Paul denizens (of days gone by); interacting with a medium; entering the Spirit Chamber to collaborate on a unique photographic take-home memento; and more!

This event serves to connect visitors to people and neighborhoods of the city that have disappeared, and inform them about the once thriving phenomena of Spiritualism practiced by all strata of the American public – from presidents to peddlers.
Original work by the artists will be incorporated throughout the installation—much of it produced using processes popular in the 19th century. At key hours throughout, the event will be punctuated with ghostly surprises!

Our space is right off the main Depot entrance, a former office space that will undergo a HUGE transformation.  It has been an incredibly fun project so far! One of the features will be a newspaper we're creating using historic and true Minnesota/Midwest ghost stories (the research alone would make this project worth while.)

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