Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another Exhibition Update.

Once every 10 years the MIA (Minneapolis Institute of Arts) makes an open call for work, everyone who submits is guaranteed a spot, the only limitation is that the work is less than or equal to 12 inches squared.

This fantastic show is aptly titled "Foot in the Door!" Chris Atkins and the MAEP (Minnesota Artist Exhibition Program) portion of the MIA facilitated everything and it was all such an incredible experience. They processed over 4500 pieces of work!
To submit was an adventure in itself, people experienced 3 hour waits as thousands of people coiled around the museum eager to have a place in one of the most prominent museums in Minnesota. I was one of those eager people, though thankfully only spent about an hour and a half in line. The mood was not pushy or angry, everyone was happy to be there. It was like a big block party!

The opening was another unique event, jam packed 100% full. Just imagine, if less than half of the submitters showed up, we would still have 2000 people in attendance!
Admittedly, though I opted to wait until it was quiet to visit the show.

The show is as exciting as you could imagine, works of ALL different levels and types next to each other creating this beautiful dialogue and cross section of working artists in Minnesota.
Check out some images here!

You can even view every single piece submitted via their Foot in the Door home page.

The whole thing was an incredible experience, and I am honored to have been a part of it.

The piece I submitted was a sculpture. Not so much a sculpture I made, but one that I was given.

I don't want to divulge too many details, but the title is "Exorcised Spirit, Sauk Centre, 1988." I got this strange bottle in 2007 while in a city about 100 miles outsides of the Twin Cities. The person that gave it to me believed that there was a spirit inside this object. With her own eyes she had seen it "bottled," this was in 1988 and she was able to recall the story as if it just happened.

From what I can tell, the bottle had been dipped or painted with Pitch or heavy black paint. It appears to have twine wrapped around the top, with red wax on top of that. There are remnants of writing with white paint around the bottle, but nothing is legible.

What is most interesting is that there seems to be a repair in the one of the bottom corners. I can't be sure, but it looks like a newer modification with contact cement (or similar) and then paint on top of that.
What drives me crazy, is that as far you can tell there is nothing in the bottle, maybe a bit of dirt or grains of sand. Did the bottle get broken, and whatever inhabited it released? Maybe that's why she wasn't too concerned to loose it when she gave it to me.
I really don't know what it is, but it's a nice idea.

The MIA also has a great history of being haunted, so I figured another ghost wouldn't hurt! Read more here.

Here is a shot of the piece "installed."

Noelle also submitted a piece, and she was very lucky to have it be featured on the entrance, they must've thought it was that good. This is the first time a work from this series had been exhibited, so it was great to see it on a wall! Too see more of her work follow the links to the Right.


The pictures dont do the exhibit Justice, it's so overwhelming and inspiring.
Thanks to all the hard worker at the MIA and MAEP.


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