Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Owatonna, MN

"I am hoping it is my ex-fiance"

This was the response a homeowner gave as I asked him who he thought may be present and responsible for the paranormal activity that he had been experiencing for some time.

I never asked him clarify, simply nodded and kept snapping photographs and baselines.

It was later in the evening that I learned his ex-fiance had committed suicide, sadly as a result of an overdose. Understandably he was still very distraught, and never had the answers he needed as to why; Was it accidental or intentional?

I wondered though, was it maybe him, the homeowner who kept calling the deceased in fruition? Was it perhaps his sense of loss and confusion that trapped her? Did she have no choice but to remain because he wished her there so bad.

Do we have the power to hold on to people, even after death?

Is Memory the Entity?

To me this gets at the route of almost every religion, if you believe hard enough, it will come true.
It is absolutely identical to prayer, do something enough times and eventually God will listen.

Without a doubt it calls to mind the "Philip Experiment" carried out by a Toronto based Psychical Research Society.

Drawing of "Philip"

To paraphrase the article:

The true story of ‘Philip’ is actually a remarkable experiment that was conducted in the early 1970’s by The Toronto Society Of Psychical Research. The purpose of the experiment was to see if a wholly fictious historical character - ghost could in fact manifest itself through the groups efforts of concentration on the bogus data....

The group would sit around a table and merely concentrate - much like the spiritualists of the 19th century. And then one day it just happened. There was a knock on the table, which at first was felt more than heard....

In conclusion the experimenters succeeded far beyond their wildest expectations. However, in the end they were never able to prove the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ behind Philip’s manifestation.Was Philip a direct result of the group’s collective subconscious or perhaps did they conjure an actual entity that simply latched onto the story?...

I have chosen to quote one source for this, but there are many other accounts and similar experiments that can be found here, here, here, and The Skippy Experiment.

To me parallels are obvious. Someone wanted something to happen, and with enough focus and commitment, forced it to. Again this not dissimilar to EVERY Ritual act. To sit and Concentrate is equal to meditation, prayer, chanting, singing, dancing, and more. It's all about giving energy and requesting energy in return.

It is not at all difficult for me to believe that a person who is so confused and hurt by their loss could have the power to call someone back from behind the veil.

The Memory Is the Entity.

Owatonna, MN

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