Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just wanted to share another exhibition Update, unfortunately it has already closed though.

I was thankful enough to be included in the "Water Rights" Exhibition at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.
This exhibition:
"...investigates our relationship to water and the political, natural, and personal forces that influence it. MCAD is one of a dozen organizations and galleries working with the University of Minnesota Department of Art in support of its Women and Water Rights exhibition and related programming. Diane Katsiaficas, professor of art at the University of Minnesota and co-organizer of Women and Water Rights, is the juror for the MCAD Water Rights exhibition."

Here is a (horrible) install shot of the piece, I took it while the show was still being set up, so there weren't even labels yet. I was lucky enough to be next to
Noelle again, her piece "Flood" was also featured.

The piece included was my Stereograph set "Off the Cliff..." made in 2007.

Off the cliff she jumped and fell...

Into the water she wished to dwell...

Deeper and deeper into the abyss...

She started to feel a weightlessness...

Sinking down straight through to the sky...

Had she fallen so far she began to fly?

Noelle McCleaf,

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